Beishan road is not long, only about 3000 meters. Beishan area is a historical and cultural block that lies in the northeast of West Lake Scenic Spots. Covering an area of about 980,000 square meters. It’s one of the birthplaces of its civilization for this city. When in Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), Beishan Road started to prosper. Many temples and gardens are built during that time. Suxiaoxiao’s Tomb, General Yuefei’s Tomb and Hui Lu, the former residence of Bao Bailing are all located on this road.
Melting Snow on the Broken Bridge
  • Located at the east end of Bai Causeway, this bridge is the most renown among all bridges of West Lake, big or small, ancient or modern. Hangzhou is in Yangtze South, the snow period is very short, and heavy snow is much rare. Once there is such heavy snow, an extraordinary scene of lake covered with snow will come up.
  • Though the name of the bridge dates back to poems in Tang Dynasty, the bridge became famous because of one of the best-known love stories in Chinese folklore.
  • According to the legend of White Snake, the beautiful girl who was actually a white snake met Xu Xian on the bridge in the rain and they fell in love with each other and an umbrella they used became the symbol of their love. The bridge was also the scene where they made up after a long series of ups and downs. Thanks to the love story between the human and the immortal, the broken bridge attracts numerous visitors and has its legendary reputation spread far and wide all over China. Many people believe the bridge is the number one place for people in love. Rain or shine, you can enjoy the lake views from the bridge in all seasons.
  • The seasonal scenery changes at the bridge itself are equally breathtaking, especially when the snow begins melting in sunshine in the winter.
  • Once in a fine day after a snowfall, standing on the bridge and looking toward the northwest at the Solitary Hill and Ge Hill, one can see the hills and buildings covered with snow and the lake and hills look crystal clear. Although the snowy beauty of the scenery is a little bit chilly and lonely, many people regard it better than noisy greens and reds in other seasons and they believe the Broken Bridge fully deserves the top position it has enjoyed for hundreds of years as the best one of the Ten Sight of the West Lake.
  • Presumably, the West Lake in a fine day is no better than in rain, in rain no better than in moonlight, in moonlight no better than in snow. Melting Snow on the Broken Bridge provides a proof to justify the vivid description.
Beishan Road is one of the best roads in Hangzhou suitable for a walk. To many people, what impressed most might be the chinar trees standing on the two sides of the road. However, to those who have subtle feelings for this city, even the dim light in the night in the breeze may arouse the travelers much imagination.

There is a stone on the hill with a saying regarding the pagoda’s purpose of creation: “Glory belongs to immortal in heaven; peace and happiness to people on Earth.”

Beishan Road started to prosper in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), many gardens and temples were built during that time.

Duan Qiao, the Broken Bridges is just beside the road. Baoshi Shan (Pearl Hill) with Baochu Pagoda is also standing near the road. What’s more, see the memorial sites and newly built exotic coffee shops and bars. Still more others waiting for your discover on the road.