Qinghefang Ancient Street is one of the oldest streets and is the only well persevered antique historic street in Hangzhou City. It derived from the Southern Song Dynasty and became prosperous in the Qing Dynasty.
Hu Qing Yu Hall was built by the businessman Hu Xueyan in the Tongzhi 13th year of the Qing Dynasty (1874). It is based on the pharmacopoeia of imperial family in Song Dynasty, it chooses the proved recipe in dynasties to triturate many famous medicines. Now people trust the medicines very much. Together with Tong Ren Tang in Beijing, the two were regarded as the most famous pharmacy in south and north.
With numerous shops, restaurants and tea houses, Hefang Street has been the center of politics, culture and commerce in the city. Many century-old shops are located on this ancient street.

Nestled in a narrow side alley, there is a whole separate section filled with food stalls offering all kinds of snacks the sophisticated foodie can only dream of.

Bao He Hall is also a famous pharmacy in Qinghefang, it provides treats and medicines to poor people for free. There is legend that Xu Xian was working as a apprentice in Bao He Hall when he met Lady White. Now the statue of Xu Xian is still in front of the hall. During the waning days of the Qing dynasty, Bao He Hall went to recession as the Hu Qing Yu Hall increasingly became flourishing.