Prince Bay Park
  • Located on the southwest side of West Lake, Prince Bay Park (太子湾公园) is next to Nanshan Road and Colored Port View Fish Garden. Story goes that the park was once the resting place of two princes, thus comes the name Prince Bay Park. It is the earliest wedding theme park in Hangzhou and also the biggest one.
  • Numerous tulips are planted in the park which show their best during March and April, which is also the period for Sakura blossom. The view is really breathtaking. It is no wonder that many locals like to go there to take wedding photography or host their weddings. October is also a good time to visit when most tree leaves turn red or yellow in color; the park looks like a golden fairy world.
  • The grand lawn is a fantastic place for an afternoon picnic with friends and family.
China Academy of Art
  • China Academy of Art was the first art university and first graduate school in Chinese history.
  • Today it is the most influential academy of fine arts with the most complete range of degree offerings and programs of study in China.
  • It houses a diverse pool of artistic talent, has a distinctive structure integrating theory and practice, focuses on human care and social needs, and combines modern technical and cultural disciplines with traditional artistic ones.
  • The academy features the study of theories and offering Ph.D., Master’s and bachelor’s degrees of fine arts, design, architecture, film and new media, which constitute the humanities and reflect the Chinese national spirit and creative theories of the era.

Listening to Orioles Singing in the Willows (Liu Lang Wen Ying)

  • As one of the ‘Ten Major Scenes of the West Lake’ , ‘Listening to Orioles Singing in the Willows’ was an imperial garden during the Southern Song Dynasty.
  • During the Ming Dynasty a temple dedicated to King Shu of the Wuyue Kingdom was built in this garden, which fell into disrepair by the Qing Dynasty.
  • In 1950s, after a series of refurbishing projects, it was opened to the public as a large park which consists of the Garden for Listening to Oriole Singing, Garden of Congested Scenery, Friendship Garden, and Southern Garden. Covering an area of 21 hectares, the park is an ideal place for large-scale recreation and entertainment programs, as well as a good place for various ceremonies and holiday celebration.