Xihu Tiandi

Situated at the southern bank of West Lake, Hangzhou Xihu Tiandi is a leisure destination embracing the deep history and culture of the city of Hangzhou. Combining the superlative natural beauty with modern living elements, Xihu Tiandi has become a brand new landmark in Hangzhou, where boutiques sell international brands, up-market restaurants serve a variety of local flavors and bars fill the area; it’s a blend of nature and fashion.

Built in April 2003, Xihu Tiandi covers an area of 50,000 square meters (538,196 square feet), with 60 percent of it being a garden area. As a matter of fact, Xihu Tiandi is partly hidden in the garden area, and it is near Yongjin Pond, south of West Lake, and it’s very close to the Orioles Singing in the Willows, with a very relaxing atmosphere. The architectural buildings of Xihu Tiandi fully take advantage of modern and traditional elements: they are decorated with carved beams and painted rafters as well as white walls and dark gray roof tiles matching one another in tranquil elegance, and you can appreciate the fine outdoor scenery through French windows.

Xintiandi), Xihu Tiandi is very different from Shanghai Xintiandi in style. Shanghai Xintiandi has a rich commercial ambience, which is a masterpiece of a combination of Western and Chinese architectural styles. Xihu Tiandi brings the mountain and water scenery of Hangzhou into full play, which has become a magnet for the urban trendsetters and petty bourgeoisies. As a matter of fact, a fine view of the West Lakes scenery presents itself before you anywhere you place yourself at Xihu Tiandi.

Hangzhou Xihu Tiandi’s design theme captures the unique gardens and historical architecture of this scenic place. Merging nature’s beauty with modern living elements, Xihu Tiandi has brought together life’s rich offerings to create a public space that enhances the quality of life.

It is also close to Youg Jin Pond, which is famous for the poetic phrase “The water and sky merge where the long causeway joins the clear waves… Tens of the thousands of families dot the sea of a prosperous city with lots of high buildings.”